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In this section you will be able to find how to get around Sevenoaks via public transport – buses, trains and taxis.

  • Trains in Sevenoaks

    Below you will be able to find all the train stations in the Sevenoaks area – so check which one is nearest to you and later plan your journey just following the link which you will find below. Sevenoaks has great links with London, therefore, you can easily get to London’s biggest and well-known stations like London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo East, Victoria and many more.

    These are all the train stations in the Sevenoaks District:

    • Sevenoaks Train station
    • Bat and Ball
    • Dunton Green
    • Otford
    • Kemsing
    • Leigh station
    • Shoreham
    • Hildenborough
    • Knockholt
    • Cowden station
    • Penshurst
    • Tonbridge
    • Edenbridge
    • Swanley
    • Heaver station
    • Eynsford


    In order to plan your trip from the very start to the end just click here and you will be able to see the route, as well as the price for the ticket/s and you, will have the ability to book your ticket from the comfort of your own home.

    You can see our previous post about buses just click here.

  • How to get around Sevenoaks using public transport – buses

    Getting around Sevenoaks and its surrounding areas might not be that difficult as it seems. Using public transport is a quick and affordable way to get around the Sevenoaks Area below you can find out how the buses operate in Sevenoaks or even you can find the nearest bus stop to you!

    In another post, we also talked about how trains work in Sevenoaks just click here to see.


    • Just click here to check when your next bus will come
    • Or here to check where is your nearest bus stop and when the next bus leaves.
    • And lastly here to see how the go-coach operates in your area.



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